Program (Oct 13, 2019)

* The program is subject to changes

Room: Huading Hall, InterContinental Hotel, Shenzhen, China

12:30 -    Welcome & Introduction of CuRIOUS 2019

Oral Presentations by challenge participants

12:40  -  

Patch-based registration approaches for mono- and multi-modal registration of intra-operative ultrasound 

Oliver Zettinig, ImFusion GmbH, Germany

13:00  -   

Comparing deep learning strategies and attention mechanism of discrete registration for multi-modal image-guided interventions 

Mattias P. Heinrich, University of Luebeck, Germany

13:20 -   

Landmark-based evaluation of a block-matching registration framework on the RESECT pre- and intra-operative brain image dataset

David Drobny, University College London, United Kingdom

13:40 -

Registration of ultrasound volumes based on Euclidean distance transform

Luca Canalini, Institute for Digital Medicine & University of Bremen, Germany

14:00 -  Panel Discussion

14:30 -  Industrial Talk

Addressing challenges in 3D Medical Image Data - Annotation, segmentation, and Registration

Ziyue Xu, Nvidia 

14:50 -  Challenge Results, Award Ceremony, and Closing Remarkds